About Beyond Borders

In the past years international mobility has been increasing making Europe growing closer together. European cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Warsaw developed also into metropolis of gay/MSM(men having sex with men) tourism. All cities offer events and get-togethers in diversified gay sub-scenes. Many gay/MSM tourist attractions are comparable in mentioned cities, as showed in a survey carried in 2011, when manCheck Berlin contacted potential project partners.

In each of these cities exist agencies offering focalized programmes and methods for the health education concerning HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis(HEP) and sexually transmitted infections(STI) for MSM. In spite of similar conditions and preventive response, no border crossing cooperation or exchange among these agencies has yet been established.

The project „Beyond Borders – health education in a metropolitan tourism of men having sex with men in Europe” aims to facilitate this international interchange. The proposed method is: In each of the participating cities exchange and mutual learning workshops are organised among the partner agencies. Each hosting agency explains to the visiting ones the local conditions, the range of activities and the particularities of implementation.

During this international exchange meetings best practices are learned, future partnerships discussed and joined strategies developed for the health education concerning prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and STI for MSM. This European exchange will take place among employed staff as well as volunteers of the participating organisations. There will be a mutual learning process from learners and teachers. The results of the exchange workshops will be published in reports and internet platforms in order to expand and intensify cooperation and communication and will be made available to national networks.

Due to different restrictions of attmitance to the Grundtvig lifelong learning programme in the national agencies of the European countries up to now Poland, the United Kingdom and Germany are able to take part in this project. But there is a colaboration with Spain (Barcelona), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Austria (Vienna) and France (Paris) as well.

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