Owners of bars and events support prevention – Safety For Free Berlin

Effective prevention is a mutual task

In order to have an effective prevention of HIV/Hepatitis and other sexual transmitted infections (STIs) all the parts involved must work together, so this is not the solo-presentation of a prevention team.

Important partners are the owners and personnel of scene-clubs and sex parties. They have direct contact with the guests and they are asked very often about prevention themes. Through their offer, they are enabling sex settings and they have a direct connection with the guests, which is what we want to reach with our job.

Therefore are club owners, party promoters and bar personnel important partners of the prevention.

Layout 1The German AIDS Help (Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe) offers since many years Owner-Meetings throughout Germany, where different aspects of the prevention as well as possible cooperations are discussed. In these meetings the attendance of the owners is on a voluntary basis. In Berlin this meetings take place within the context of “Safety For Free”.

What is Safety for Free?

Safety4free is a voluntary commitment of Berlin Club owners and Club-operators developed in cooperation with manCheck. It is an evident statement of responsibility of the gay establishments towards the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. We, the club owners, promote the health of our guests – Safety4Free is a sign that shows, that the club owners have committed voluntary to support safer sex among gay men. Safety4Free should become a trademark for those businesses, which provide special services for their customers, and a sign showing the guests that the clubs are taking care about their guests’ health.

Berlin Club-Owners support safer sex among their guests. How?

They don’t only give condoms, lube and latex hand gloves for free, but they also provide free information about sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Beyond that, they allow Info-Actions from manCheck to take place at their locations.

Advantages for guests

The establishments that participate in SafetyForFree support safer sex among their guests. In cooperation with manCheck they offer the following services:


  • Free condoms, lube (and latex gloves if necessary) in the usually required quantities
  • Free information material about men, sex, and health in manCheck info displays
  • The personnel at the bar has a First-Aid-Help List with counseling and emergency centers in Berlin and can also provide the basic information needed
  • manCheck runs regularly info-actions at the participating establishments

Advantages for the establishments who participate

With the participation in SafetyForFree you have the possibility to provide a special service to your guests and to show them, that they are important to you. Club-owners support their guest to fully enjoy their sexual preferences without risking their health thereby. At the same time club-owners are supported by manCheck and they can build a good brand and a positive image which is an advertisement on its own.

What is the aim of the participating club?

It is to create a place, where men can easily have safer sex and enjoy their sexuality and preferences with a minimum risk for their health.

What must the club-owners do?

The standards that must be maintained in the partner club are listed at a cooperation-contract between the clubs and manCheck. These standards are:

  • Distribution and access to condoms, lube etc.
  • Access to information material for HIV/Hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases – manCheck provides it for free
  • Training of the personnel via manCheck
  • Attention of the personnel regarding sexual health, drugs and alcohol problems – manCheck supplies a list with relevant reception centers and telephone numbers

The concrete facts of a cooperation:

Club operators can voluntarily cooperate in the further development of SafetyForFree to adapt the standards to them if required. They can also request training for their personnel. The participating club-owners declare their commitment to push forward and make progress with SafetyForFree under a signed contract. The participating establishments should take care for the maintenance of the SafetyForFree standards. Therefore the club receives the following material:

  • A SafetyForFree contractsafetyforfree-kampagne
  • A logo for the website or for advertisements
  • A4 Poster
  • Stickers for the club-door and for the condom-provider machines
  • A certificate
  • Instructions for the personnel

manCheck recommends that the SafetyForFree logo is placed in all advertisements in order to communicate clearly the extra service that the guests get and to maximize the effect of the campaign

Support through manCheck

manCheck supports the participating clubs for the establishments of the standards and for the further development of the cooperation. The aim of SafetyForFree is to achieve a club environment, where it is easier for the guests to have safer sex and where they can enjoy their sexuality and preferences with a minimal risk for their health. manCheck supports the participating clubs:

  • delivering information material
  • helping with the provision of condoms, lube and latex hand gloves if necessary
  • with the organization of meetings between the club owners
  • offering safer sex information actions in the clubs
  • advertising Safety for Free in the media

Participating venues up to now: