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Effective prevention is a mutual task

In order to have an effective prevention of HIV/Hepatitis and other sexual transmitted infections (STIs) all the parts involved must work together, so this is not the solo-presentation of a prevention team.

Important partners are the owners and personnel of scene-clubs and sex parties. They have direct contact with the guests and they are asked very often about prevention themes. Through their offer, they are enabling sex settings and they have a direct connection with the guests, which is what we want to reach with our job.

Therefore are club owners, party promoters and bar personnel important partners of the prevention.

Layout 1The German AIDS Help (Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe) offers since many years Owner-Meetings throughout Germany, where different aspects of the prevention as well as possible cooperations are discussed. In these meetings the attendance of the owners is on a voluntary basis. In Berlin this meetings take place within the context of “Safety For Free”. [read more]

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