health education in a metropolitan tourism of men having sex with men in Europe

In the past years international mobility has been increasing making Europe growing closer together. European cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Warsaw developed also into metropolis of gay/MSM(men having sex with men) tourism. All cities offer events and get-togethers in diversified gay sub-scenes. Many gay/MSM tourist attractions are comparable in mentioned cities, as showed in a survey carried in 2011, when manCheck Berlin contacted potential project partners.

In each of these cities exist agencies offering focalized programmes and methods for the health education concerning HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis(HEP) and sexually transmitted infections(STI) for MSM. In spite of similar conditions and preventive response, no border crossing cooperation or exchange among these agencies has yet been established.

The project „Beyond Borders – health education in metropolitan tourism of men having sex in Europe“ aims to facilitate this international interchange. [more]

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