Lambda Warsaw

indexLambda Warszawa Association mission is to create space enabling to build a positive identity of the LGBTQ community and provide independent, professional and expert assisstance in difficult and crisis situations. Association was established in 1997. It’s members are mostly volunteers and professionals who spend their time working on our projects.

Lambda Warszawa statutory aims are:

– combating HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
– building a positive identity among homosexual, bisexuals and transgender people.
– promoting social tolerance for LGBTQ people.
– fighting discrimination, especially with regards to sexual orientation.

Organisation already implemented the Volunteer’s Ethical Code and became member of: the Polish Help-lines Association (PTPT), Federation of Social Service Organizations Mazowia, International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA-Europe), National Federation of Non-governmental Originations. It also signed and implemented the Non-governmental Chart of Rules of Service.

Lambda Warszawa activities focuses at providing independent, free of charge and discreet support for people in crisis or in risk. It provides support by help-line, internet (chat, skype), psychological and sexology consultations, self-support groups, personal development groups, addiction therapy and health education activities (including HIV/STI/HEP prevention among men-having-sex-with-men, including sex-workers). Health education activities are best on harm-reduction strategy, which is directs to reduce the harmful consequences associated with recreational drug use and other high risk activities (sexual behavior, alcohol use). Project staff reach out to high-risk communities, motivating them to take care of themselves, providing them with information, condoms, lubricants, printed information materials.

Lambda Warszawa target groups are:

– homosexual women (lesbians)
– homosexual men (gay men) and men-having-sex-with-men (MSM), some of them udertake risky behaviour and some of them are sex-workers. Total number of lerners (clients) is about 500 people a year.
Stowarzyszenie Lambda Warszawa
ul. Żurawia 24a (lok. 4)
00-515 Warszawa
tel. 22 628 52 22