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logo_cmykSchwulenberatung (Gay Counseling Center) Berlin was founded in 1981 and provides counselling and supports to groups with problems and health education concerning HIV, age, coming out, mental health issues, alcohol and other addictions. It also offers support and counselling in cases of discrimination mainly for gay men and men having sex with men, people with HIV / AIDS and transgender.

ManCheck is a project of the „Schwulenberatung Berlin“ (Gay Counselling Centre Berlin)  and corporate member of the “Deutsche AIDS Hilfe e.V. (German AIDS Assistance registered society). Its mandate is health education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis (HEP) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) among the gay community and men having sex with men (MSM). ManCheck works with a small number of employed staff and a larger number of volunteers. Both are peers from within the target groups. As corporate member of the Schwulenberatung Berlin and the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe, manCheck follows the conceptual guidelines of „structural prevention“. As regional partner for Berlin manCheck supports the project „ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU” (I know of what I am doing). ManCheck is furthermore member of the initiative „Schwule Prävention 5 (SP5)” (Gay Prevention 5), a federation of five German cities (Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin). ManCheck also is incorporated into the „Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Berliner AIDS-Selbsthilfegruppen (LABAS)“ (working group AIDS self help for the federal state of Berlin – LABAS).

ManCheck received several prizes at the occasion of the lesbisch-schwulen Stadtfesten (lesbian-gay city festivals) Berlin for innovative und target group focused work. In 2010 the German Federal Ministry of Health, the private Health Insurances and the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZfGA) rewarded manCheck at national level with the „Sirius 2010“ prize for its „innovative, effective und result oriented preventive approaches“.

The stuff of Schwulenberatung Berlin is 78 persons, five are working at manCheck. manCheck has 25 volunteers and the contacts in outreach work are about 40.000 persons/year; educational health counseling are about 5.500 persons/year.
Schwulenberatung Berlin gGmbH
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