Project Objectives and Strategy

Objective of the partnership for mutual learning in European cities is the exchange of experiences and knowledge in primary preventive education and counselling of MSM at grass root level. This includes gay tourism and the development of respective strategies for adult education. Activities among others are:

  1. The information exchange in respect of local situations and particularities in each of the partner cities and countries.
  2. The exchange of methods and experiences in campaigns for the prevention of infections of HIV/AIDS, HEP and STIs.
  3. The critical and analytical reflection of own strategies and new ones to be learned about,
  4. The view beyond own borders, inquiring what for prevention is done in other countries,
  5. The transfer and inter-change of knowledges, experiences and „best practice“ among project partners.
  6. Implicit objective of this project is the creation and of a European network cooperation between staff and volunteers of European HIV/AIDS, HEP and STI agencies and programmes for MSM.

Issues to be discussed partners in the course of this exchange meetings are:

  • Sex beyond borders – sex without borders? Chances und challenges for international gay tourism
  • The “New AIDS” and its consequences for the local MSM preventive work
  • Strategies and actions for the prevention of HIV, HEP and STI among MSM
  • Options and limitations of prevention in the course of the European integration process.

The methodology is a continuous process of information, exchange of experiences and a mutual learning in health education for the targeted groups, the gay adult tourist visiting European metropolis.
During mutual visits local agencies and projects will explore preventive experiences, strategies, methods and campaigns implemented in other European localities.
All participating projects are operating with employed staff and volunteers, so it appeared logical to have them participate in the exchange process. This way the exchange and the mutual learning process take places at two levels of responsibility within each participating agency.