The role of partyworking in the activities of the Lambda Warsaw Association.

Authors : Kasia Rżanek, Monika Grotecka


Party workers activities are some of the environmental action that are a part of outreach working. It consists in the fact that the activities are carried out in places where consumers of the program come and are supported by a stationary counseling (drop in center). Specifically partyworking to work at parties, in clubs, discos, saunas, pubs and, events , etc.

The basic premise of partyworkers ​​action provided by Lambda Warsaw Association is the philosophy of harm reduction. It is focused on reducing the negative consequences of risky behavior, such as taking psychoactive drugs, unprotected sex – as opposed to ignore, penalize or unrealistic desire to the absolute eradication of social life.

During our work, we operate in accordance with respect for values ​​such as freedom of speech and self-determination, equality of all people, respect for others, openness, respect for yourself and your health. We believe that every person has the right to make their own decisions, so our party workers do not judge customers, they do not impose solutions, but provide information and show different possibilities, so that man could make a conscious choice. [read more]

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